Passnotes with Syasya Norhisham

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I am Soap Cycling Singapore’s (SCSG)… coffee addict! Many don’t know this but I have had a cup of coffee beside me every time I have an online meeting with them!

The ride started… with me being lost at Farrer Park! I was finding my way to SCSG’s activity centre at SGcare Physiotherapy Clinic for my first meeting with the team. I ended up walking in circles as I am really bad at directions. Eventually I found the centre and had a very nice introduction to SCSG.

Why soap?… It can be so simple, and it can be so luxurious. The same components, with tweaks in the fragrances and packaging can reflect one’s preferences, culture and socioeconomic status. In Singapore, soap may be easily accessible to the majority of the population and easily found in public areas like shopping malls and food courts. Yet in the dormitories, the provision of soap is infrequent for our migrant workers. Being here in SCSG, I would want to find out more about their situation and expound on it in our research report.

A day without soap… and I will be covered head-to-toe with cat fur! I have cats at home and I love to snuggle them a lot. I’ll be busy lint-rolling and sneezing 24/7!

Seeing the amount of soap wastage… makes me grateful that SCSG is up and running. We need more organisations to collaborate and fill up the gaps in society! Taking one’s excess supply and giving it to those in need – it makes society more wholesome and efficient!

Time spent with my fellow researchers… is nothing short of inspiring! I have learnt so much from experienced researchers from the Solidarity Collective (which SCSG is part of) just by being in their presence. Seeing how they conduct the questions, ask the questions and especially how they joke around and care for the migrant workers – I learnt a lot about the mindset and the heart a researcher should have. Another person who taught me so much was Evelyn, my fellow research intern. Her meticulous and organised self made it very easy for me to work with her and learn from her fantastic work ethic!

Hearing the migrant workers share their stories… agitates me as the inequality is jarring yet there is nothing much that I can do immediately. A lot of the change has to come from the higher ups, and I focus as much as possible on doing my best in my research report.

The best part about interning with SCSG… is the company! Many times I have been stuck in my work and require help or advice. Everyone is always ready to lend a hand and support me when I need it most.

It can’t be all that rosy… because sometimes you wonder what your work will truly amount to. Spending all this time crafting a report on the living conditions of the migrant workers, will that do any help? It’s still something I’m grappling to understand!

I bubble with excitement when… i’m at training! I’m part of NUS Silat, a varsity team in NUS. Training is where I get to destress, break up a sweat and stay fit. It’s the only way I can get abs since I spend half the time cracking up jokes and laughing with my friends – way too much

You often hear me say… “Omg seriously?” I use the same two words to express excitement, sadness and shock!