The Singapore Chapter of Soap Cycling started in 2017, launched by students from the National University of Singapore, with guidance and support provided by Soap Cycling Hong Kong. Today, we are a non-profit organisation, and a member of raISE Singapore Centre for Social Enterprise.

Our Impact


Bars of soap distributed to migrant workers and vulnerable Singaporean families

Bars of soap distributed to children in the Philippines, Indonesia, Cambodia, and Nepal

Volunteers contributing over 454 hours of service

Our Programme

Sorting, Cleaning and Packing

Engages individual and corporate volunteers and aims to raise awareness on the lack of sanitation in vulnerable communities through soap sorting and scraping


Distributes recycled soap to migrant worker communities to ensure access of hygiene and sanitation products to all

Education Workshop

Educates school kids on the importance of hygiene and how they can practice it in their everyday life to protect themselves against illness.

Meet our Soaper Heroes


This fun and dynamic soaper woman joins the Singapore team regularly volunteer and prepare soap for distribution throughout the year. Jena has been a domestic worker in Singapore for 15 years. She is also a marathoner (she has run 7 full marathons and counting!), a cyclist and does competitive dragon boat racing.


Daniel Yap spotted a need amongst the migrant worker community and reached out to us for soap to distribute to them. Daniel is the owner of Yihong Trading Enterprise and he personally delivers groceries and vegetables to various dormitories located at different corners of the island. In July 2020, he helped to distribute 800 bars of soap to 200 migrant workers staying at a dorm in the West.


When the Taal Volcano south of Manila erupted in January 2020, Nina Rotelo rose to the occasion to help her countrymen affected by the natural disaster and shipped home 30kg (enough for 60 kids for a year!) of reprocessed soap and other goodies for needy families in her village of Visayas, Philippines.

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