MEY Program expanded with Jockey Club’s support

by | Empowerment, Hong Kong, Jockey Club Start with Soap

Our ‘Jockey Club “Start with Soap” Empowerment Project’, funded by The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust was launched on 1 October 2020! Since then, our MEY Program has continued to expand.

We empower individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds by providing them with part-time employment opportunities. We also enhance youth with more opportunities to serve the community while learning leadership and communication skills; increasing social consciousness and interacting with people across age, race and socioeconomic backgrounds.

This three-year project will continue to let us expand the MEY workers pool and provide them with more opportunities for meaningful inter-group interactions. Stay tuned for our upcoming programmes including:

· Two-day experiential learning workshop

· Job Tasting and Shadowing
· Neighborhood Tours
· Global Distribution Trips