Partnering with Youth from CFSC

by | Empowerment, Hong Kong, Jockey Club Start with Soap, Recycling

Starting from late August, we have been grateful to start partnering with The Christian Family Service Centre (CFSC) to help processing our bottled amenities collected from hotels. A group of youth with Special Educational Needs are helping us processing these plastic bottles and such work includes sorting and removing labels, etc. This group of youth is part ‘MEY’, with ‘M’ representing ‘Ethnic Minority’, ‘E’ representing’ Elderly and ‘Y’ representing ‘Disadvantaged Youth’. Through our ‘MEY’ programme currently under the Jockey Club “Start with Soap” Empowerment Project, we hope to provide these groups of people in our society dignified employment opportunities and promote social inclusion at the same time. We believe that this group of young people can contribute to our society when they are given the opportunity. We look forward to more collaborations with CFSC and even different charities in order to bring more impact to our society!