Javeria’s Story with Soap Cycling

by | Empowerment, Hong Kong, Jockey Club Start with Soap

Javeria is a local born Pakistani Hongkonger. She received her education in local schools and speaks fluent Cantonese. She has graduated from secondary school in 2020 but could not find a full-time job. She found the part-time opportunity with Soap Cycling under Jockey Club “Start with Soap” Empowerment Project since early 2021 and that has basically changed her life. Javeria was a very shy person because she seldom interacted with locals and strangers throughout her whole life in Hong Kong. However, due to the experience gained from facilitating in our Corporate Recycling Sessions and Neighbourhood Tours, her anxiety has been decreased and she even gained confidence in communicating with strangers now. Javeria has also gained a lot of social skills as well as communication skills within the time as a MEY worker with Soap Cycling and now she has successfully found a full-time job in Food & beverage industry that requires her to interact daily with lots of different customers from all walks of life. She has improvements in both mental and emotional health because she has finally able to land on a job with decent remunerations which could help to relieve the financial burdens of her family.

Learn more about our MEY Programme: https://soapcycling.org/impact/mey-programme/