How MEY Programme has changed Maria’s Life

by | Empowerment, Hong Kong, Jockey Club Start with Soap

Maria Ansari was born in the Capital City Islambad, Pakistan, grew up, educated in Pakistan and attained a Master’s degree in Economics from Punjab University. After graduation, she chosen to teach Economics in High School as a career until she came to Hong Kong to reunite with her husband in 2017. She has been looking for a part-time job in Hong Kong for 4 years. During the covid-19 pandemic, she received an opportunity from Soap Cycling to expose to different projects and being trained as a walk leader for the “Soap Walk for Good” pilot program since early 2021.

“Through this project, I learned how to recycle soap bars and bottle amenities collected from hotels and further distribute the recycled soaps to the disadvantaged communities in Hong Kong and nearby Asian Countries.” said Maria.

Soap Walk for Good is a pilot program that tried to combine Soap Recycling and Community Walk together in the Kwai Hing Neighborhood. The program brought people from all walks of life to visit “The Little Pakistan” in Kwai Chung. As a walk leader, Maria led different groups of people from different areas in Hong Kong to get to know more about Pakistani Culture and the lifestyles as well as the difficulties that Pakistani facing in Hong Kong. Through the walks, she shared her thoughts of mind with the participants and they shared theirs with her too.

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